List of Classes Energy, Oil and Gas

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General Written Lines

Environmental Contractors

Oilfield Service Contractors (onshore and offshore) Asbestos lead & mold abatement; testing/consulting
Board Road Contractor Existing Pollution Conditions
Casing Contractor Clean-up abatement, remediation, treatment, neutralization
Drilling Mud Contractor Consultants
Insulation Contractors Environmental site assessments
Petrochemical Contractor - general plant work      - Phase I, II & III
     - air conditioning, refrigeration and heating   General Construction
     - boiler inspection Underground or above ground storage tanks
     - compressor, engine, motor installation      - Installation, removal, cleaning, maintenance or testing
     - electrical wiring Remediation
     - painting and sandblasting Testing monitoring or investigation of pollutants
Plugging and abandonment work by contractor Waste Disposal Operations
Welding Contractor

Site Specific Pollution

Chemical Mfg. - Commercial or Industrial
Communication & Navigation installation/repair Shopping centers
Distributors Laboratories
Equipment Installation Contaminated properties
Equipment rental; with & without operators Hazardous and non-hazardous waste landfills
Fabrication of oil/gas well platforms Recycling centers
Geophysical Exploration - seismic Waste treatment facilities
Inspection Services Transfer, Storage or Disposal Facilities (TSDF)
Iron or Steel Erection  
Logging - drilling mud/oil or gas well  
Machinery or Equipment - Industrial  
     - repair, service and maintenance  
Machine Shops  
Machinery or Equipment Dealers  
Machinery or machinery parts mfg. - industrial  
Metal good manufacturing  
Oil or Gas Lease  
     - Lease work by contractor  
     - Wells servicing by contractor  
     - Wells supplies or equipment second-hand  
Pipeline construction & repair  
Pumpers & Gaugers  
Valve and pump service, installation & repair