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Rodco Worldwide Inc. was formed in 1974, as a holding company for real estate investments. However in 1975, Rodco embarked into the field of Excess and Surplus lines insurance in a state known for its prolific source of E&S business. Since 1975, Rodco Worldwide Inc. has successfully operated as a Managing General Agency for Commercial Property and Casualty business written primarily in the State of Louisiana. Rodco has underwriting and policy insurance authority for both domestic and foreign insurers.

With its roots in South Louisiana, Rodco early experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. Our state was a pioneer in the offshore exploration, acquisition, and delivery of petroleum and its byproducts which created an insurance niche for exposures unique to that industry. Rodco responded to this opportunity by establishing a Commercial General Liability Program designed primarily for the small energy contractors. Rodco further acquired other energy related contracts for Excess and Primary Maritime Employee's Liability and Commercial Umbrella Liability to round out its underwriting capacity in this area. Rodco then recognized the need to diversify into non-energy programs in order to offset any possible fluctuations in the energy industry. The facilities acquired by the company would include property and general liability markets that would encompass both domestic and foreign markets.

With the aftermath of the 2005 storms and its effects on the insurance markets throughout the Gulf region, Rodco has shown itself to be a leader in the industry by not only maintaining its longstanding relationships but also acquiring additional facilities in the insurance marketplace. Our facilities offer consistent stable security to our customers which translates to long term continuity of insuring relationships. Currently, Rodco is now more diverse than ever. Our market portfolio has given us the flexibility and the opportunity to provide our agents with broader coverage and responsive rates for your business exposure.

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